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April 24, 2018

Thanks for joining me! 399834_483105578411845_1826900_n

My name is Kathy Smith, and this June I will be turning 60 years old. I'm not a young mom blogger, but I am a mother who strives to live an organic life and I hope to share my recipes and gardening tips with all of you.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis and struggled with weight gain from the steroids that I had been placed on to treat the disease. During this time my daughter, Rachel was in school studying filmmaking, and has always been a talent with the camera. Seeing pictures of myself from years before the diagnosis to the time I was on medication was upsetting to say the least.

In the winter of 2014, Rachel had been hired as a videographer on a documentary that fought for GMO Labeling on food packaging. She came home one weekend and completely purged the house of everything genetically modified and artificial. We're talking, everything. We donated the non perishables and left the rest of our food in boxes at the mailroom for anyone who needed the items. Rachel made sure to leave a few passive warning labels on those boxes as well, naturally.

Since then, many companies volunteer for the NON-GMO label, and have started to go organic. I have done a lot of research, lost some of the weight so far (Thank you weight watchers!), changed my eating habits and the ingredients I cook with. I gather herbs and produce from my little garden and local organic farms/farmers markets. I use fresh meats and cheeses and have introduced alternatives to my former baking favorites.

I cannot wait to share these journeys that I've made with all of you. At the very least, I hope that this blog will be educational for anyone who wants to live a healthier, real food lifestyle. I'll be writing recipes and linking to the organic ingredients that I cook with, but also heavier, and non-organic alternatives for the budget shopper.

Living organic can be expensive, but don't let that stop you! I'll share websites to organic companies who will gladly send coupons and even free samples for you to try and enjoy. We can learn together, and live healthier while eating delicious food.

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